This RPG, based on the anime, Kannazuki no Miko, has brought back the same characters, along with some new ones. Let your imagination and creativity wander out as you roleplay here. ^^
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Hello there and welcome to the world of Kannazuki no Miko. Well the forum at least. Here, you can let free your imaginations, creativity, and wondrous ideas. Let it all free here. Please do join and register. And most of all, have fun! Smile ~Chikane Himemiya. *If you are a user here already, and you have already been approved by myself to RP, please do post. Please also get other members to join. I need members and posting. This forum should come alive. Thank you, your trusted admin. Chikane.
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 Echoes of the Heart ~Venus Versus Virus~

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PostSubject: Echoes of the Heart ~Venus Versus Virus~   Echoes of the Heart ~Venus Versus Virus~ I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2012 11:44 am

This is a story I kind of just started writing a while back. I just wrote it for the heck of it and might make it multiple chapters, or just tweak it to make it a oneshot. But anyway, it's based on an anime called Venus Versus Virus. I just wanted your opinion. ^^

Chapter 1: Uncertainties

"Come on, Sumire! Wake up or Lucia's gonna leave you behind~!" It was a sweet voice, coming from a small blonde girl who could possible be compared to a living doll. She was one, after all, created by magic, named Lola. Sumire awoke as if on cue, hurrying to get her Vanguard uniform on as Lola chuckled lightly before leaving the room. The young girl rushed up the stairs, trying to tame her short auburn hair by running her hands along it in an attempt to flatten it quickly. If there was one thing she was certain of, it was the fact that no one kept Lucia waiting. She stopped near the door, panting a bit. "I-I'm sorry, Lucia! I overslept and Lola had to wake me up.." Sumire tried to explain herself to the older girl, who was already standing by the front door in her usual gothic lolita outfit, consisting of a simple black and white dress that went past her knees with black combat boots. Her long light blue hair was now tied up in two long pony tails. Her single sapphire eye now glanced towards the younger girl. Her glare could make even the fiercest of people tremble before her by the fact it was made even more menacing because her left eye was concealed by a decorative eye patch.

Lucia held her cold gaze for a moment before answering. "Alright, alright. Mr. Nahashi's waiting outside, so we need to hurry." She instructed before opening the door for Sumire and following her out to the car. They had a job to do, as always. Not only did they run a store that sold European-style clothing, but clients would also come in with requests for virus exterminations. Only people who possessed the ability to see virus's were able to read the writing on the Venus Vanguard leaflets. That was where their real occupation came in, as exorcists.

The car came to a stop at large forest and Lucia and Sumire stepped out and made their way to the entrance as Mr. Nahashi departed.

"Well, let's get this over with, Sumire..." Lucia sighed as she clutched her gun close to her hip and made her way into the forest, Sumire trailing along behind her. Even in midday, the forest was surprisingly dim. They began to trek through the forest, Sumire following closer as the sun's rays began to cast sinister shadows, now making it difficult to discern figments of her imagination from actual viruses.

Lost in thought, Sumire didn't notice Lucia stopping and accidentally bumping into the older girl's back. Squeaking out an apology, she blushed lightly as Lucia turned her head slightly and raised brow at her. Wondering why they had stopped, Sumire realized they had entered a small clearing. Following Lucia to the large rocks in the middle, she looked around while Lucia studied the boulders. The clearing itself wasn't that large, and she couldn't help but wonder why they were there. Unlike herself, Lucia didn't seem to be out of breath at all.

"Sumire," Jumping slightly when her partner's low feminine voice broke the silence, Sumire shifted her attention to the other girl. "I want you to stay here while I go check something. Don't leave this spot."

Green eyes flickered with confusion and worry. "Where are you going?"

Lucia stopped and turned her head slightly. "There's..." Hesitating slightly, she seemed to mull over her words before continuing, "Something's... off. Stay here. Do not go into the forest. Do not follow me. Stay right where you are." Once again moving forwards, she melted into the shadows of the trees and was gone.

Fidgeting with her gun nervously, Sumire sat down, leaning against one of the rocks as she waited. Unable to keep her eyes still, they darted around the clearing, trying to pinpoint the locations of every little sound that hit her ears. She sighed uneasily. "This is going to be a long day..."

About an hour after Lucia had left, Sumire was in the same spot as earlier. Her gun held loosely in one hand, her other holding a stick to doodle distractedly in the dirt. Eyes flickering around the clearing, she froze when she saw movement on the ground before her. Squinting, she was just able to make out a large black body the size of a golf ball and eight spindly legs.

She bit back a scream as the large bug crawled toward her. She quickly glanced around for a decent weapon. The stick in her had was too thin, and Lucia would yell at her if she wasted bullets on bugs, not that she'd be able to hit a target that small anyways. Panicking, she slipped her shoe off of her foot and tossed it at the bug, only to miss.

Startled, the bug only crawled faster. A fist sized rock a few feet away caught her attention. Scrambling to it, she picked it up and turned, ready to squash the spider only to blanch. The once large spider rippled and expanded into a large virus resembling a cross between a tarantula and a wolf. Yelping, she fumbled with her gun and let off a few shots while running in the opposite direction and into the forest.

She blamed the virus for everything. Now she was lost in the forest, no ammo, her dagger also missing in a bush somewhere, and only one shoe. It was still hunting her as well, now she was even more uneasy.

"Well, well." Gasping, she whirled around. "You sure do smell tasty for such a scrawny little girl." The virus licked its lips with its long yellow tongue, its eight legs shuffling in anticipation.

"S-Stay back!" Sumire stuttered nervously, knowing fully how vulnerable she was with an empty gun. A rough chuckling growl escaped the virus's lips as it began to shuffle towards her slowly.

"I don't want to see viruses! I don't!" Sumire mumbled desperately as she backed up slowly.

The virus flashed its black teeth at her, the points dripping with saliva. "Oh, but I want to see you." With another growl, it leapt at her.


Lucia ran swiftly through the forest whilst dodging the many low hanging branches with ease. Side stepping a strike from the virus pursuing her, she leaped into the air and fired a round into its chest. Its shrieks of pain echoed through the night as she landed on the soft dirt and picked up her pace. She was close.

Sprinting, Lucia broke through the trees into a small clearing. Glancing around quickly, she scowled, her gaze landing on two lone boulders jutting out from the ground near the center of the clearing. Walking carefully closer, she confirmed she was in the right spot as she spotted one of Sumire's shoes lying discarded a few feet from the left, and slightly larger, boulder.

"One of these days, Sumire..." She muttered with an exasperated sigh. "One of these days, you will listen to me."

She began to scan the ground for Sumire's tracks. Finding them leading in the opposite direction she had arrived from, she began to follow them to the edge of the clearing. A slight vibration was her only warning before a virus shot up from where she was standing. Barely able to dodge the surprise attack, Lucia hissed as she clutched her shoulder. Taking her hand away, she was given only a second to register the fact that her hand was covered in blood before the virus was once again upon her.


Jumping to the side to dodge a flurry of spikey projectiles, Lucia quickly scanned the ground for the gun the virus had knocked out of her hand earlier. Spying it a few meters away, she made to sprint towards it before three more inky black viruses emerged from the ground between her and her weapon, crazed grins and red eyes upon their disfigured faces. Cursing silently with teeth clenched, she recognized the futility of attempting to reacquire her firearm at this point in time. Changing tactics, she once again sprinted into the forest.

Eye catching movement to her right, she leapt sideways and threw her dagger. The sharp weapon hit its mark with a faint squelching sound and began to disintegrate its target. Unable to risk retrieving it, Lucia, now weaponless, continued to follow Sumire's – or at least what she hoped were Sumire's - tracks deeper into the forest while the other three viruses continued to track her.

"Sumire..." Lucia growled under her breath. One of these days...


Teeth scraped Sumire's thigh as she backed away quickly, trying to ignore the pain she felt. She then turned and began to sprint deeper through the forest, howling virus in hot pursuit. Her pace began to gradually slow and as she was ready to skirt around a tree, her surprised cry was cut off by an icy hand covering her mouth and an arm suddenly snaking its way around her waist, pulling her into something soft.

"Hush." whispered the familiar low, serene, and somewhat alluring voice. Sumire blushed again as the other's lips almost brushed against her ear, the hold around her waist tightening a bit. "Do you have any bullets left?" All Sumire could do was shake her head slowly. "Your dagger?" The younger girl shook her head again as the hand the was around her waist slid along her shirt to probe the empty sheath. Lucia sighed and began to back up deeper into the trees, her arm finding its way back around Sumire's waist to keep her from falling as she stumbled.

"Do you see it?" Lucia's breath hot on her ear as she whispered again. Sumire's cheeks turned a deeper shade of scarlet as she had to squint after following her partner's line of vision. It looked like a shed. "That's an old logging shed, lucky for us, it still has some strong barriers around it, so we can hide out in there for a while." The older girl began to slowly make her way toward it, Sumire in tow. She let go of the girl momentarily to fumble with the door's old rusty latch. Nearby, a loud shriek from the virus pursuing them tore through the once quiet forest. Lucia couldn't react quickly enough to muffle her partner's scream and shoved her inside the shed after throwing the door open and shut it behind them, locking it from the inside.

Sumire buried her face into Lucia's neck, her hands desperately clinging to her shirt and her body trembling in fear. The elder pulled her into her lap, petting her soft auburn hair and whispering comforting words into her ear. "Shh, shh. It's okay. You're okay. It can't get us in here." Another shriek. The virus was sniffing about right outside the shed, even Lucia held her breath.

After a few tense moments, the virus lost interest and its footfalls grew distant as it went to search elsewhere. With the immediate threat now gone, Sumire slowly stopped shaking, allowing Lucia to calm her down. As silence descended upon the shed, Sumire lifted her head and took in their positions for the first time. Lucia was sitting cross-legged leaning against the wall of the shed facing the door, one arm around her waist while the other still gently moved against her head.

As if that wasn't enough to cause her to blush madly, it was her own position that sent her cheeks ablaze. Since the shed was so small, there was only room for one person, namely Lucia, to fit comfortably. She on the other hand, was sitting sideways in the other's lap, her head resting on her right shoulder. Clearly embarrassed, Sumire cleared her throat, muttering a quiet "Thanks" before trying to shift away. Lucia's arm around her waist surprised her by tightening, effectively stilling her and causing her to slowly fold her hands in her lap. Slowly settling against the other's warmth, silence once again engulfed them.


Lucia looked down softly at the shorter brunette in her lap as she continued to soothingly pet her soft hair. Though her current actions greatly contrasted the cool and aloof front she normally portrayed, she couldn't help herself. Sumire had disobeyed her again, yes, but that hadn't mattered when she saw how frightened the younger girl was. Ruefully, Lucia admitted to herself that when she was comforting the shaking girl she had acted without thinking, instinct having won over pride. Sighing at the unintended chink in her persona, she tried to justify it to herself. It's only because we're alone in the dark. No one can see, so it doesn't mean anything.

Her sigh having caught Sumire's attention, she was unable to look away before the younger girl's curious green eyes locked with her own soft blue one. Deciding it was now too late to feign indifference, Lucia allowed a small smile to paint her lips. After all, it means nothing.

Flustered, Sumire's eyes flickered elsewhere, a blush once again settling on her cheeks. Amused by the reaction, it took Lucia a moment to realize that the other was speaking. "Come again?"

"Ah," the younger girl's eyes flickered toward her before darting away again as she stumbled upon her words in that endearing way she did when she was flustered. "I-I was just, um, thinking-wondering! Wondering how you knew this was here. The shed, I mean."

"Mm," Lucia hummed in amusement. "You remember when I said something was off about this job?" She waited for Sumire's nod against her shoulder before continuing. "It seems I was right. It took me awhile, but I was able to conclude that these aren't normal viruses. It seems our employer wasn't exactly trustworthy. Remember the earth element virus?" Another nod. "These ones are similar. But instead of being powered by the earth, they crave the light, making them more cautious at night and us fools for going after a large number of them at high noon. We're effectively stuck here until dusk."

"Oh," Sumire muttered, looking up at her partner once again, fluster losing to curiosity. "And the shed?"

"Well, curiously enough, when I went back to the spot where I clearly told my partner to wait, safely within a barrier I might add, all I found was her shoe and some tracks leading into the forest, where I, oddly enough, told her not to go." Lucia wryly started as she watched the red hue once again slowly seep into Sumire's face. "So after getting ambushed and losing my weapons whilst looking for said wayward partner, whom I can only assume had a very good reason for disobeying, I stumbled upon this place and noticed the carvings etched into the wood."

"S-S-Sorry, this is all my fault!" She noticed when Lucia looked at her straight in the eyes and she again became flustered, jumbling up her answer entirely and speaking rather fast. "Bug! It was the bug! The spider that wasn't a spider was coming at me and I knew you told me to stay, but I couldn't so I threw my shoe at it then it got even more mad so I threw a rock, then it turned into the huge virus, and then I had to run away and it bit me then you startled me and-"

"Sumire, breathe." Lucia commanded, worry flashing in her eye when she saw Sumire gasping for a breathe. She could only understand about half of what she said, but one bit in particular stood out the most. "Bit? Are you alright?"

"It-um..." Sumire started as she began to control her breathing once again. "On my thigh. It doesn't really hurt anymore..."

"Which one?" The hand that was petting her hair came to rest on the girl's bare knee.

Face shyly turned to the side, Sumire mumbled. "The, ah, the other one."

Lucia slowly and softly slid her hand up Sumire's leg, wanting to check her injury yet very aware of the change in the other's breathing. Stopping when she reached the broken flesh on her upper thigh, she gently probed the cuts with her fingers causing Sumire to visibly wince. The bite marks were thankfully shallow and the blood had already crusted over. "It's shallow. We'll disinfect and bandage it when we get home." Done with her examination, she slid her hand up a little higher and stroked her thigh softly in apology, making a small whimper escape from Sumire's throat. Lucia's heart began to pound from the faint sound that was equally effective in turning her cheeks a light shade of pink. Why am I like this? It doesn't mean anything...

The vibration from Sumire's pocket sliced through the intimate moment. She slowly reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out her phone, seeing it was Lola. "Hello?" As she began to talk, Lucia rested her head on top of hers.

"Sumire? Is everything okay? You guys are taking an awfully long time. You guys didn't get lost did you?" Lola's voice sounded faintly through the receiver.

"W-What? No! Everything's fine. We just ran into a bit of trouble and we're camping out until dusk." Sumire defended weakly as Lucia removed her hand from Sumire's thigh and returned it to its place around her waist, pulling her closer.

"...You got lost didn't you? You're such a klutz, Sumire." She swore she could hear the smirk over the phone.

"Lola!" Sumire blushed as Lucia tried to stifle a laugh.

"I knew it. I told Nahashi that's probably what happened when you guys weren't back an hour and a half ago. Can I talk to Lucia?" Lola asked with a victorious laugh from her first statement. Sumire then handed Lucia the phone.

"Lola, can you bring a first aid kit when you come to pick us up?" Lucia asked before Lola had a chance to say anything.

"Sure thing, Lucia! I gotta go, Mr. Nahashi needs my help with something. Don't have too much fun~ Alone...~ In the dark...~ Together...~" Lola sang, snickering on the other end before hanging up.

"L-Lola!" Now it was finally Lucia's turn to have a scarlet complexion. Thankfully, Sumire didn't appear to have heard any of what the living doll had said, but assumed that she wouldn't catch the perverse meaning of what she had said in the first place. Sighing, Lucia pocketed her phone as silence once again fell upon the shed as Sumire rested her head on her shoulder again.

It doesn't mean anything... I don't think of Sumire like that at all... Lucia desperately tried to convince herself that her suddenly growing feelings for the younger brunette weren't real, and that other reasons were justifying her actions. The reverberations in her heart continued, like echoing voices on a cave's walls. The steady drumming seemed to be lulling Sumire - the current object of her turmoil - to sleep on her shoulder. This was going to be a very long afternoon.
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Chikane Himemiya
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PostSubject: Re: Echoes of the Heart ~Venus Versus Virus~   Echoes of the Heart ~Venus Versus Virus~ I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2012 2:59 pm

OOC: Your writing is always wonderful. I like the way it just flows and fits together. It really tells a story, helps the reader paint an image in their head and completely understand, and the narrative from either first person or third person is always pleasant. It doesn't get annoyingly repetitive or off track or anything. It gets the point across in as few and beautiful words as possible. And that's the best job a writer can do. As well as personifies it so that the characters each have a bit of life to them, so that if an actor were to pick up the story and read the lines, they could get a hold of how their character is no doubt. Now that's a bit complex, I'm not saying that it has to go to that extreme, or that anyone would do that, but, it does give a sense of life to the story even if it has to remain "two dimensional" and "on paper". Overall, good job. ^^
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Echoes of the Heart ~Venus Versus Virus~
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