This RPG, based on the anime, Kannazuki no Miko, has brought back the same characters, along with some new ones. Let your imagination and creativity wander out as you roleplay here. ^^
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Hello there and welcome to the world of Kannazuki no Miko. Well the forum at least. Here, you can let free your imaginations, creativity, and wondrous ideas. Let it all free here. Please do join and register. And most of all, have fun! Smile ~Chikane Himemiya. *If you are a user here already, and you have already been approved by myself to RP, please do post. Please also get other members to join. I need members and posting. This forum should come alive. Thank you, your trusted admin. Chikane.
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 A New Beginning: Rin's Story

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Rin Shimazaki

Rin Shimazaki

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PostSubject: A New Beginning: Rin's Story   Tue May 01, 2012 8:15 pm

What's going on? What is this place?

I fumbled in the darkness, reaching out for any sort of tangible object to grasp. Gates..? Or at least, to the people sitting on them, they were like perches.

"Hey... Is that her, Miyako? She's actually kinda cute, nya~" Came a perky sounding voice. I immediately looked around to find myself on one of the gates next to who I presumed to be Miyako.

"Where am I? I don't understand..." I felt choked up, my mind boggling with questions, but the violet-haired woman only silenced me.

"You are home. You are a gift to us... You're power shall bring us closer to creating our new world." She said softly, actually trying to offer a bit of reassurance.

Home. Somehow, that word brought me comfort and hope. I had never known a decent home in my whole life. This place... it is so strange yet it brings me a sense of nostalgia.

A rude, overconfident voice suddenly broke the peace. "But why her? What's so special about her?" I looked to the direction from which the voice emitted and saw a girl who looked like a pop star ready to go on stage.

"What's so special, you ask? This girl has the raw power we need to prevail. Behold, the darkness as Orochi intended!" Miyako sounded as if she was preaching, but a dark grin spread across her lips. With just a simple wave of her hand, she revealed the single thing that struck my heart with a bone chilling fear as a dark energy began pooling around my feet. I was drowning. The way I was drowning though, it made drowning in water seem painless. No, I was drowning in darkness, the sheer essence of evil.

I tried to struggle as it seemed to drag me down, as it began to choke me. Everyone but Miyako had looks of sheer horror on their faces, which shocks me even to this day. Something in me changed that moment. On my chest, I could see an odd purple marking begin to glow profusely, which seemed to make Miyako's grin widen. I cried out in a sudden pain, clutching my now throbbing head.

What's happening to me?

"Get up!" Miyako demanded of me suddenly. I could barely move and I shakily began to rise to my feet, the darkness trying to pull me back down. The more I struggled, the harsher Miyako's voice became until I finally mustered the strength to stand... Everything then went black. I was no longer in control of my body, I could only fearfully watch through my own eyes as... something controlled my movements.

Another flick of Miyako's wrist and an illusion of none other than The Lunar Priestess appeared. Everyone fell silent.

"Kill the priestess." Miyako commanded and my body surged forward in a violent rampage. Dark energy surrounded me, my eyes now turning more beast like with each step. I could see The Lunar Priestess raise her bow and pull back with an arrow aimed right for the odd purple mark on my chest. I didn't want to hurt her, I had no reason to, yet it was not my choice.

A bloodthirsty smirk spread across my lips as my body leaped into the air and I could feel something sharp pierce my chest. I hadn't even attempted to dodge the arrow. At the same moment, I could feel my bare hand stab the priestess like a knife.

My own hand.... I killed her with my own bare hand. Though it was merely an illusion to test my strength, I will never forget the way that that young woman's face twisted in agony. This was not me. It was not my impulse to kill. Even so, this was my new life. A life led by Orochi. A life of a Berserker.
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A New Beginning: Rin's Story
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