This RPG, based on the anime, Kannazuki no Miko, has brought back the same characters, along with some new ones. Let your imagination and creativity wander out as you roleplay here. ^^
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Hello there and welcome to the world of Kannazuki no Miko. Well the forum at least. Here, you can let free your imaginations, creativity, and wondrous ideas. Let it all free here. Please do join and register. And most of all, have fun! Smile ~Chikane Himemiya. *If you are a user here already, and you have already been approved by myself to RP, please do post. Please also get other members to join. I need members and posting. This forum should come alive. Thank you, your trusted admin. Chikane.
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 The Thousand Bells Are Chiming~ Part 1: Reincarnation.

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Chikane Himemiya
Chikane Himemiya

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PostSubject: The Thousand Bells Are Chiming~ Part 1: Reincarnation.    Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:40 pm

Part 1: Reincarnation

I would like to construct my own history, deviating from the original story there is. This is a dramatized version of something in my own mind. I wanted to write something of my own, almost like a short story.

"Why... why do I feel this pain now when I look at you?"

Those were some of the words that echoed in my mind as I sat in my solitude in the Lunar Shrine on the moon. I thought about what I did... and every time I thought about it, I was haunted by the thought. I was literally torn to pieces when I think about what happened. Himeko, her hurt expression, those tearful eyes. It was all too much to handle.

"I promise you, I'll reincarnate Himeko. I'll come back, but you have to wait and look for me okay? Whatever you do, don't stop looking. Even if you feel sad and lonely, I'll return to you, I swear. I'll always return..."

"Chikane-chan! I don't want you to go, not yet! We have so much to do! Be together, spend time together, take more pictures. Seeing you leave so suddenly, it makes my heart ache and I... I want to be with you Chikane! I swear I'll never stop looking for you, everywhere, I'll search. And I promise I won't give my heart to another because it belongs to you...."

"To Himeko."

"To Chikane..."

I began to materialize and disappeared into what seemed, thin air. I was levitating almost, the only thing keeping me connected to this world, Himeko. Himeko was holding my hand firmly, as I was gripping hers as well. We shared a bond, a friendship, a love and a hurt that we never wanted to let go of. Although everything had worked out in the end, I felt as though my sacrifice was in vain. All of these memories seemed to flood my mind and flash at me as if they were a fast motion movie meant for only my eyes to see. I sighed in solemn, sitting there in the darkness surrounding me. My eyes closed and watching this horrific play go through act by act. Why was my mind forcing me to watch this?.... Suddenly, I heard a voice.


"Yes? What is it?"

"You seem to be deeply in thought."

"Indeed, it would appear so and so I am."

"You're also deeply in pain."

"If you want me to be honest with you. I am, yes."

"Well, why? Why are you in such deep pain and deep thought all the time? There is no reason to be. You've sacrificed yourself for a good cause and you won the battle against the Orochi. If it's about Himeko, you'll see her again. I'm sure of it."

"How can you be so sure of this? When you're in this shrine, enduring this hell and pain of being away from the one you love while she lives her life happily, you're not sure of so much of anything anymore."

"I know you'll see her again because I don't doubt myself. When you feel something that you do not have a lot of certainty in or any normal person would have any certainty in, you must believe above all that that thing will happen. That fate will beat its odds and make said thing occur. When you feel uncertain, you must be certain."

"Then you are being contradictory, and a hypocrite. And a hypocrite, is just as well as a liar."

"Has Miyako totally infiltrated your mind? Or has your train of thoughts been warped so much by your broken heart that you do not even sound like yourself anymore? Himemiya-san, your sacrifice was not in vain. Himeko has not let you out of her heart and hopes to someday find you again, and she will. I feel this way because I am almost certain is going to happen. The odds are slim, but slim odds seem to happen in mini miracles often times and that is what will happen here. The old Himemiya I knew would not speak like this. She would be optimistic no matter how much seems to weigh down on her shoulders. Where has that Chikane gone?"

"I do not need you telling me who I was and who I need to be."

"No, but you need me to be reincarnated."

"That is true. So, has the time finally come?"

"Indeed it has. She has turned 18, and you will be reincarnated as an 18 year old. She may seem a bit different than she has looked previously, but, you will be able to find her and recognize her. For she is the only one in the crowd of people that has the other half of your shell. And besides, your souls are connected no matter where one of you ventures, you'll always have the other with you. So now, Chikane Himemiya, the time has finally come. When you're reincarnated, I must warn you, you will be given a new body, with the same features. You will be given a voice, everything. You may be given some of your memories, but, most, most will be blocked out and blurry. Some may come to you as dreams, whether you will piece them back together or not is entirely your choice. Although, you must know that fact that they will be missing fragments of your heart. But, you'll feel whole."

"Alright, I am willing to accept that. I am ready to be reincarnated."

"Very well. Open your eyes and the process shall begin."

"Sure, but before I do so, there is something I'd like to ask you."

"Hm? What is it?"

"What is your name?"

"Luna. Luna Alexandria. But you can just call me, Luna."

"Well, thank you, Luna."

I opened my eyes and smiled a soft smile at her as she began the process of converting me back to a human body instead of a spirit. And I began to glow this whitish color and transform and materialize into the mortal and real world, the last thing I caught from her was a soft smiling returned at me. Now.... I was back. It was time to find Himeko.~

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Chikane Himemiya
Chikane Himemiya

Posts : 312
Join date : 2009-12-07
Age : 25
Location : Tokyo.

PostSubject: Re: The Thousand Bells Are Chiming~ Part 1: Reincarnation.    Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:15 pm

"Himeko! Come on, up and at 'em! There may not be much time left of school for us, but there still is some school left! So you need to get up and get dressed before we're late. I swear, what would you do without me?"

The blonde girl named Himeko yawned and stretched, obviously still a bit sleepy. She rubbed the fatigue from her eyes and tried her best to wake her body up from the lethargic state it was in. Her friend always had so much energy, how was this possbile, she's always question.

"Alright Mako, I'll be right there! I'm almost ready."

Makoto Saotome had been Himeko's roommate ever since freshman year here at Ototachibana Academy. It was hard to believe they were already seniors and getting ready to attend college. Himeko hurriedly got ready as fast as she could to be able to meet her friend's fast paced methods. Once Himeko was finished dressing, they headed out together and began to walk to school. The dorms had been rebuilt since the accident back in their sophomore year, two years ago, when they were both 16. When Himeko met the princess of the school, Chikane Himemiya. Not only the princess of the school, but, the well renowned daughter of the Himemiya family, talented and beautiful in every way as well as elegant and of course, the one for her. Her perfect mate, her lover, her soul mate. Himeko's mind would often drift at times like this, on walks, sometimes in classes and anywhere else she could recount a memory with her dear Chikane-chan. Her cheeks would then be lightly flushed with that pink color. She had been doing this for a very long time now, and Makoto had noticed but never said anything. But, this time, she decided to speak up.

"Alright, Himeko, tell me, who's the lucky boy?"

"Huh? Mako-chan, what are you talking about?"

"The boy you have a crush on."

"The boy I have a crush on? Don't be silly, Mako-chan. There isn't anyone I'm crushing on."

"And that's a load of bull crap. Himeko, I've watched your cheeks light up with that same pink color every morning we walk to school. And sometimes when you're in class and sometimes when you're at lunch too. So what's the deal huh? Why can't you tell me who you like? I thought we were best friends and best friends tell each other anything and everything!"

"I'm sorry Mako. I thought I already told you this, but, I've already pledged my heart to someone else."

"Alright, well who is it?"

"I'm not quite sure, but I know they're strong and kind. They're graceful and intelligent and protective. They're my perfect match, the other half of my shell. The person that completes me. I know they're out there for me somewhere."

"You're so strange Himeko. But, that's why I love ya. You'll always be my best friend, so if there's anything I can do to help you out, just let me know! Haha! Well, we're here!"

As the bells chimed for classes to begin for the day, they sped up past the stairs and into the academy for their first class. Meanwhile....

My blue eyes that were apparently stained with a new sense of innocence, opened and blinked, just getting used to the light here on Earth again. It was true, it was real, I was alive once again. This felt weird, but, it also felt great. To be alive again, it just gives you a sense of invigoration and vivacity, which is what I was experiencing now. A soft smile spread across my lips as I flexed my hands and then looked up to the sky where the sun was shining brightly. I squinted at this because it was so bright, but, nonetheless, it felt good, it felt warm.

I was alive once again, the process was complete, I was reincarnated.


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The Thousand Bells Are Chiming~ Part 1: Reincarnation.
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