This RPG, based on the anime, Kannazuki no Miko, has brought back the same characters, along with some new ones. Let your imagination and creativity wander out as you roleplay here. ^^
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Hello there and welcome to the world of Kannazuki no Miko. Well the forum at least. Here, you can let free your imaginations, creativity, and wondrous ideas. Let it all free here. Please do join and register. And most of all, have fun! Smile ~Chikane Himemiya. *If you are a user here already, and you have already been approved by myself to RP, please do post. Please also get other members to join. I need members and posting. This forum should come alive. Thank you, your trusted admin. Chikane.
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 The Story According to the Series: Kannazuki no Miko

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Chikane Himemiya
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PostSubject: The Story According to the Series: Kannazuki no Miko   Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:27 pm

So this tale starts with the lives and roles of two of the most important people in the history of the Japanese world, well in this anime. There are two miko, or priestesses that are key to the protection and salvation of the world that they live in. These two women, are called the Solar Priestess, and the Lunar Priestess. They are both parts of each other, and have a bond stronger than anything, even love itself. They have different traits about them though.

It is said that the Solar Priestess has light features to her. Like light skin, and light hair, that glows like the sun, as well as her skin. Her eyes that sparkle with innocence,and purity. She is the modest one, who stays out of the way, and tends to be shy and introverted. She doesn't like drama or to be in the spotlight, though her light is the brightest kind that has ever shone, even brighter than the sun perhaps, itself. The light she casts on others, leaves an influence, and imprint on their mind, body and soul, forever changing them in ways they never thought possible. The Solar Priestess spreads joy and happiness, and innocence throughout, trust, though the priestess herself never knows of the effect she causes, on others as well as herself, and her friends. She has a heart of gold, that is kind, and gentle. IT can be fragile and easily broken, but otherwise it is warm, and caring. It will never blame anyone for anything, and always forgive everything and everyone. The Solar Priestess is truly the one that everyone falls for, and everyone will strive to protect no matter what.

It is said that the Lunar Priestess has dark features to her. The only thing that is light about her is the light skin color that is like the moonlight. She has dark hair, and dark eyes, though blue. Her hair is like the blue black ocean sea at night, with the stars shimmering up above in the sky. Her eyes along with that ocean in them are cold, but innocent. They can mask emotion very easily, very well. You will almost never know what the Lunar Priestess is feeling unless she tells you. She is the one who is considered popular, and excels at everything she does. She is well known by many, and loved by many as well, though she has a one tracked mind. She would much rather have the simple life instead of all the popularity she has now, but she deals with it. The moon cannot shine without the sun, is a theme that is repeated throughout the series, that states that truly the moon would not have its time without the sun. The moon wants to shine just like the sun, it wants to have it's own light, but it cannot, as its light is an asset to the sun's great light. The moon seems to be more distant, and while she can be shy at times, she is often not, but protective. She will protect anything that she holds dear, and that others do as well. She is seen as noble, and kind, someone held in high honor like a princess. The Lunar Priestess makes a difference with people too, but not like the Solar Priestess, by giving them determination and motivation, and kindess to show the others that they can do things too. She is held well-respectively, and sometimes put in awkward positions. The lunar priestess is always seeking out for their one love, the one love she knows she will find someday. The Lunar Priestess is more like the protective one, the one that is strong, and brave, much like a knight.

These two girls are named, Himeko Kurusugawa, the Solar Priestess. And Chikane Himemiya, the Lunar Priestess.They have been reincarnated throughout their lives reviving Ame no Murakumo each one, to fight agains the evil Orochi. It is up to them to stop the Orochi from taking over the world. Himeko and Chikane meet in the series when Himeko first starts to fall from the steps when someone seems to nudge her so much she loses balance, who should catch her but the elegant Chikane! The one that everyone calls "Miya-sama." Himeko sees no shame in calling her by her first name, which catches Chikane's interest. They soon become best friends, close friends, so much so that Himeko is able to live with her at her mansion. Himeko and Chikane, are close, but there is a boy whom Himeko has been friends with since childhood. This boy's name is Souma Ogami. He wants to protect Himeko whatever it takes, and he hasn't become real close with Chikane... but he loves Himeko, he has fallen in love with her, and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

One fateful day, he discovers that he is adopted and his brother and him were separated when they were little, he can barely recall that memory of him, but he does eventually. His brother's name is Tsubasa, and he is one of the great necks of the Orochi, the evil side. Knowing this, Souma gradually finds out that he is too a part of the Orochi, in fact, the Orochi blood runs thicker and most powerful through him than anyone else of the necks. Faced with a decision on which side to choose, he picks love over fate and decides to protect Himeko, protect the priestesses instead of accepting his fate. Though going against his fate does have a consquence. Throughout the time that he declined from joining the Orochi, and his brother, there have been small purple scales growing on his skin. They seem to get bigger and bigger each time that he fights the Orochi away from Himeko. Eventually, he will become completely enveloped in the purple scales and will be stuck in a matter of time, supposedly.

Chikane will protect, go to any extent to protect Himeko as well. She does countless number of times over. She is Himeko's comfort center and someone she can trust. However, we find out that Chikane has in fact, fallen in love with Himeko as well, and hides the fact that she does well enough so that Himeko doesn't know. Though there is a confusion of emotions here. Souma confesses one night, and takes Himeko out on a date which Chikane helps coordinate an outfit for. The Solar Priestess has fun, and the final touch on it, Souma kisses her. But as he does, Himeko begins to cry and Chikane sees this as she was riding by on her horse. Chikane, instantly heartbroken, hurries home before Himeko would see her. And Souma escorts Himeko home, now thinking that was a bad idea.

All secrets are exposed when the big day comes. The time to revive Ame no Murakumo, except one thing, Chikane isn't anywhere to be found. Souma and Himeko make a journey together to the sight where they are to fight against the Orochi. Souma takes to the mechanical mech, protect Himeko with his evil whim, battling against the other evil Mech. He fends them off and freezes there, the purple scales taking over his body completely. Himeko runs and doesn't look back on his orders. She reaches the Lunar Shrine, the birthplace of the Lunar and Solar Priestesses' souls. The truth is all revealed there, why Chikane has been missing, why she has been acting strangely. Everything.

Chikane in the solar priestess' outfit, and Himeko in the lunar one, stand there talking in the lunar shrine. This is an emotional conversation. Though Chikane seems to have one thing on her mind, attaining Himeko, and getting her to kill her for the sacrifice of Ame no Murakumo. She has evil coursing through her veins which Himeko doesn't seem to understand. The worried solar priestess keeps demanding the truth out of Chikane, whom seems to reveal it when they start a sword fight. Chikane then confesses her love to Himeko whom is taken by shock by the sudden knews. After all is said and done, Himeko finally, but accidentally cuts Chikane's body in a way that will make her bleed profusely, and receive a wound that will most likely make her lose life as they know it. It is then that, they talk heart to heart for real, sitting in each other's embrace.

As the priestesses stare into the others eyes, and Chikane becomes slightly depressive in her attitudes, Himeko throws that all away as she kisses her to reassure her of her love. They talk more about how they will fight together, and awaken Ame no Murakumo and save the world. They do so, and then they have a little time together to say goodbye to each other. The priestesses embrace and take pictures, and say that they will meet again, and do the same thing over so there is needn't any worry. As the two lean in for a final kiss, the wind breaks free and starts to carry Chikane upwards towards the Lunar Shrine. Himeko holds onto her hand fiercely, wanting to get her last goodbyes in, and protesting her leave. But she must go, for it is only the beginning to a new life, a new start.

They say goodbye, and after 2 years of waiting Himeko is walking in a cross street intersection. She, wearing her shell necklace and her hair up, looking nice. On the other side of the street, she sees anoter shell necklace, identical to hers. As this happens, she runs to this other person, and that is where it ends...
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The Story According to the Series: Kannazuki no Miko
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