This RPG, based on the anime, Kannazuki no Miko, has brought back the same characters, along with some new ones. Let your imagination and creativity wander out as you roleplay here. ^^
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Hello there and welcome to the world of Kannazuki no Miko. Well the forum at least. Here, you can let free your imaginations, creativity, and wondrous ideas. Let it all free here. Please do join and register. And most of all, have fun! Smile ~Chikane Himemiya. *If you are a user here already, and you have already been approved by myself to RP, please do post. Please also get other members to join. I need members and posting. This forum should come alive. Thank you, your trusted admin. Chikane.
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 Miyaki Tsusono

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Miyaki Tsusono
Miyaki Tsusono

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PostSubject: Miyaki Tsusono   Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:34 pm

Name: Miyaki Tsusono.
Age: 14-15
Gender: Female.
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 100 lbs.
D.O.B: December 31st, 1995.
Alignment (Good or Evil): Evil.
Follower of: Orochi.
Where do you live?: Tokyo.

Orientation: Bi.
Bio: Miyaki is an all around nice person, to those she knows. Otherwise she can be completely tough and rude. Sometimes pompous, she always gets her way one chance or another. All of the teachers love her, and all of the students hate her. She has a certain curious nature in the Solar Priestess, but that leads to something more. (She becomes an Orochi.) Miyaki is a sadist and laughs at people's pain, as well as she likes to play mind games herself. Through this action, people call her the "Queen of Pain." And she reveres the nickname. Her interest in piqued in Himeko, whom she senses a radiance from, in the beginning. Noticing that she glows unrecognizably like the sun, she sets out to become friends with her. (Although she doesn't really want to be friends with her, she has alternative motives.) How she acts is a pretty normal teenage, except for the fact that she has the second strongest Orochi blood in her, next to Souma.
Personality: Complete Sadist. She loves pain, and to cause others distress. She acts pretty pompous and stuck up, but still a kiss up when need be. Miyaki is mysterious and likes to scheme up horrific plots of potential futures as she always dreams of a future in her world, of what she desires to be of this world. Miyaki does not like the moon, at all, rather despises it, and she's always hated night since she was a little kid. She has a slight fear of the darkness of it, though within her lurks the same darkness, maybe even blacker than night. She loves the sight, the feel, of blood running over her fingers, or seeing it come out of someone in pain. She finds it funny, comical, as if she was playing a game. Miyaki has a father, whom is sickly and she takes cares of him everyday. Upon being one of the Orochi, and taking everything from everyone, her one fear of night, and her tender care to her father are her weaknesses. (She is cold and makes sure no one can use them against her.) Seeking to always become stronger, she wants to accomplish her dreams of being the greatest interrogator ever, as well as maybe rule the world. (With an iron fist.)
Likes: The sun, her father, pain, food.
Dislikes: The moon, losing, happiness, traitors.

Hobbies: Causing people pain and playing mind games.
Relationships: Himeko. (Tries to be close with her.) Chikane. (Rivals, worst enemy, so it seems.) Souma (cousin.)
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Chikane Himemiya
Chikane Himemiya

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PostSubject: Re: Miyaki Tsusono   Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:37 pm

Approved, welcome to the site Miyaki~
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Miyaki Tsusono
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