This RPG, based on the anime, Kannazuki no Miko, has brought back the same characters, along with some new ones. Let your imagination and creativity wander out as you roleplay here. ^^
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Hello there and welcome to the world of Kannazuki no Miko. Well the forum at least. Here, you can let free your imaginations, creativity, and wondrous ideas. Let it all free here. Please do join and register. And most of all, have fun! Smile ~Chikane Himemiya. *If you are a user here already, and you have already been approved by myself to RP, please do post. Please also get other members to join. I need members and posting. This forum should come alive. Thank you, your trusted admin. Chikane.
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 Lunar Knights of Necromancy

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Reikon Keiri

Reikon Keiri

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PostSubject: Lunar Knights of Necromancy   Lunar Knights of Necromancy I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 11:48 am

This is a group of close followers to the Lunar Priestess. They are a clan of necromancers that have traveled and spread. Their origins are believed to have sprung from the dark jungles of the western lands where they finally grew overpopulated. A fair portion of them left to seek new lands and adventures. When two brothers had come to this land alittle over three months ago they discovered the Lunar shrine, and eventually the Lunar Priestess. They favored her because in the time of night, when she is most brightest, their magics work the best. Every morning however they will burn some incense for the Solar Priestess, because without her they could not have their wonderful moon. Their magics closely follow the Dark Arts of necromancy.Aside from the Lunar Priestess they have their own deity, a large dragon in which they believe the world rests upon. They take pride in guarding the Lunar Priestess when she needs it and always keep their skills sharp and ready for when they are called upon. They excel in Summoning of the dead or creations, bone and poison spells, and curses.
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Reikon Keiri

Reikon Keiri

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PostSubject: Curses of a Necromancer.   Lunar Knights of Necromancy I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 3:58 pm

~Beginner Curses~

Name:Amplify Death
Description:This deceptively potent curse rapidly advances the age and severity of any wound.Ordinary blows will cut through flesh and carve particularly vicious wounds that fester and seethe.
Effect:Increases the amount of damage enemies received.

Name:Dim Senses
Description:damning an enemy to the darkness of his/her own evil, this curse surrounds the afflicted in a sphere of perfect darkness and silence, blinding him/her. This allows a Necromancer and his party to slip by unnoticed or maneuver close for a more effective attack.
Effect:Decreases an enemies radius of awareness.

Name:Weaken Body
Description:This bane allows the Necromancer to sap the strength from his enemy. Enemies are enfeebled to the point that their blows become ineffective.
Effect:Decreases the damage an enemy can do.

Name:Iron Maiden
Description:This spell curses a creature, condemning him to suffer the pains he inflicts upon others. The greater the skill of the Necromancer the greater the torment of the victim for his wrongdoings.
Effect:Portion of damage dealt by enemies is reflected back.

Name:Terror Stricken
Description:This curse causes its victims to hallucinate, conjuring their greatest fear in corporeal form before their eyes. They believe these apparitions are real and run from them as long as the curse affects them.
Effect:Causes enemies to flee in terror for a short time.

~Advanced Curses~

Name:Confuse Mind
Description:Necromancers can tap into the spirit realm, channeling bitter and mischievous spirits into the minds of nearby enemies. The victims are bombarded with the gibbering of the dead, which, indistinguishable from their own thoughts, urges them to strike at friend and foe alike. The discordant wailing of these spirits builds to a crescendo, eventually driving the victim mad.
Effect:Cursed enemies attack random targets.

Name:Life Sap
Description:This skill allows the Necromancer and his part to suck the life force from his victims. The necromancer and his party is able to reach into the wellspring of mortality and siphon off its essence, consuming it to replace his own.
Effect:Enemies hit with this curse will have life stolen.

Description:This hex causes hallucinations that force enemies to stop whatever activity the are engaged in and aid the Necromancer in his attacks. They battle their former allies, vastly demoralizing them.
Effect:If affected all enemies will target a single ally.

Description:This curse gives the victim a glimpse of his own mortality, briefly aging him. Imagining himself with an infirm body of advanced age, the afflicted believes he is no longer capable of youthful exertions.
Effect:Slows the speed of Enemies.

Name:Damned Resistance
Description:Simply put, this skill increases an enemy's susceptibility to the harsh effects of the elements and elemental magics.
Effect:Elemental attacks do more damage.


-All curses are only about 3.5 yards in radius. So being cursed can be avoided.
-All curses will wear off of an enemy after a certain amount of time, for beginner curses 4 minutes, for advanced curses 8 minutes.
-All curses can be overcome if the user is at a higher skill level than the person who made the curse.
-Curses cannot be stacked on targets, meaning only one curse can be cast on a particular person.

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Reikon Keiri

Reikon Keiri

Posts : 7
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PostSubject: Necromancer Poison and Bone skills.   Lunar Knights of Necromancy I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 5:41 pm

~Beginner Poison and Bone skills~

Name:Teeth of the Dragon
Description:One of the first gifts of Rathma, this skill allows the Necromancer to summon forth the Den'Trag, or Teeth of the Dragon Trag'Oul. The Necromancers believe that Trag'Oul is the beast on whose back the world lies. In the balance of all things, it is thought that Trag'Oul is the fulcrum point. He is the closest thing the cult of Rathma has to a deity, and this spell is the manner in which he protects his chosen.
Effect:Summons multiple bone teeth as projectiles.

Name:Bone Plate
Description:This spell summons a barrier created from the bones of fallen warriors. The armor revolves around the Necromancer, protecting him against all attacks. Although enchanted, the armor can be damaged and will eventually crumble.
Effect:A protective shield that absorbs damage.

Name:Poison Blade
Description:The apothecary skills of the Necromancer lay fundamentally in the study of venoms, toxins and other poisonous substances. Not only can a skilled Necromancer identify the various strains of poison that he might come across, but he also maintains a ready supply of samples. Rarely does he shy away from their use. In a common application of this kill, the Necromancer paints his dagger with a thin coat of poison. The greater his ability, the more potent the poison.
Effect:Adds poison damage to a dagger.

Name:Corpse Eruption
Description:Every corpse created as a result of a violent death carries with it the anguish of its final moments. With this spell, the Necromancer is able to call upon those energies and focus them into a single violent force. This force then expels itself from the carcass with such power that it causes a dramatic explosion.
Effect:The targeted corpse explodes, damaging all nearby enemies.

Name:Bone Uprising
Description:This spell enables the Necromancer to call upon the remnants of the spirits of all the creatures who have ever died in the area. It accumulates their fossilized remains and summons forth from the ground a barrier of dense fossilized bone. This spell is an effective method for keeping adversaries from reaching a Necromancer or his party, while allowing him to attack from a range or make his escape.
Effect:Creates a barrier of bone.

~Advanced Poison and Bone skills~

Name:Poison Eruption
Description:This spell permits the Necromancer to accelerate the decomposition of a corpse to an alarming rate. So rapidly does the corpse putrefy that the toxic gases, normally accumulated in the dead tissue or flesh, that they burst forth in a poisonous cloud of gas.
Effect:Creates a deadly cloud of poison 3 feet radius in 5 seconds.

Name:Bone Talon
Description:Also known as the Talon of Trang'Oul, this spell summons a long shaft of bone issuing forth from the caster and piercing any opponents in its path. Since the force of this projectile is mystical as well as physical it can pass through one opponent and carry on to the next, rending and tearing through whatever is in its path.
Effect:Summons a magical missile of bone.

Name:Bone Cage
Description:Similar to the Bone Uprising, a Necromancer with this skill can summon a spirit wall of bone in the form of an enclosing ring. This prison traps all enemies within its circumference. Imprisoned within a cage of bone, the captives are held helpless until they can summon the strength to break through its skeletal confines or the Necromancer loses his hold over the spirits.
Effect:Summons a ring of bone to surround a target.

Name:Poison SuperNova
Description:This spell befouls the atmosphere surrounding the caster. With an arcane chant, the Necromancer corrupts the very air we breathe and causes it to erupt in all directions. It is from years of investigation and preparation that the Necromancer can choose a poisonous gas that is toxic to the minions of evil, yet harmless to himself and his companions.
Effect:A ring of poison explodes from the Necromancer.

Name:Bone Spirit
Description:This powerful spell briefly summons the spirit of a vengeful revenant. This skeletal specter immediately seeks out its objective, ripping free a portion of the target's soul and carrying it away to the plane of the dead. This is not a true summoning spell, however, as the Necromancers have not yet determined how to control these wraiths. For now, it is enough that they are able to shield themselves and their companions from their wrath!
Effect:Spirit tracks down a target, or finds one of its own.


-Most of these spells deal either quick split second low portions of damage, or deal small amounts of damage but over long periods of time. This is the most powerful, but most energy consuming skills.
-Most of these moves also require multiple castings and multiple successive hits before the effects of them start taking signs on the enemy. Once they do however, they are almost impossible to get rid of, taking alot of time to heal.
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Reikon Keiri

Reikon Keiri

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PostSubject: Summonings of a Necromancer   Lunar Knights of Necromancy I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 04, 2010 4:53 pm

~Beginner Necromancer Summons~

Name:Call Skeletons
Description:Early on, Necromancers learn to control the skeletal remains of deceased creatures. Invoking this skill causes a nightmarish jumble of animated bones to rise from a fresh corpse. Animated partially through their own will and partially through the summoned spirits of ancient warriors, Necromancers often maintain a small host of these reanimated soldiers to do their bidding.
Effect:Cast on the corpse of a slain monster, animal, or enemy. This raises a skeleton warrior that fights for you.

Name:Skeleton Mastery
Description:As the Necromancer's knowledge of the undead improves, he is able to harness and divert more powerful spirits to inhabit the corpses of the recently dead. A Necromancer who possesses this skill is able to raise skeletons and skeletal mages of a much more powerful variety.
Effect:Improves the quality of your raised Skeletons, Magi, and Revived.

Name:Summon Clay Golem
Description:While it is fairly simple for a Necromancer to animate dead tissue, it is another matter entirely to instill the spark of life into inanimate objects. The Clay Golem is the simplest form of this complex art, creating a servant directly from the earth to serve the Necromancer. The intense drain this places on the psyche of the caster only allows him to maintain a single Golem of any type at a time.
Effect:Raises a Golem from the earth to fight for you.

Name:Golem Mastery
Description:Developing this skill permits the Necromancer to divert more of his will and energies into his artificial creations. This allows the Necromancer to create more robust golems and control them with greater finesse.
Effect:Enhances speed and life of Golems.

Name:Call Skeletal Mage
Description:Dead warriors are not the only heroes that a Necromancer may summon to inhabit his creations. Many a Necromancer regales in raising the corpses of long dead wizards and bending them to his will. The priests of Rathma feel that this is the proof of the dominance of their particular branch of the mystic arts.
Effect:Raises a Skeletal Mage that fights for you with an elemental attack.

~Advanced Necromancer Summons

Name:Summon Blood Golem
Description:Utilizing a small quantity of his own blood, the Necromancer is able to give life to a creature neither living nor dead, yet formed of human tissue. This homunculus gains nourishment from the fresh blood of its slain enemies, from which it replenishes its strength. Tied to the Necromancer through the mage's own blood, the Blood Golem is able to share this stolen life force with his master. Unfortunately, the link flows both ways, and any damage taken by the Golem is also transmitted to the caster.
Effect:Summons a Golem that is linked to the caster's health.

Name:Summon Resist
Description:Powerful heat, freezing cold and intense electrical attacks can take a serious toll on the bound servants of any Necromancer. By developing this skill, a Necromancer can permeate his summoned minions with a protective energy that strengthens their protection to the natural and mystical elements alike.
Effect:Raises elemental resistances of your Minions.

Name:Summon Iron Golem
Description:While many mages spend their lives devoted to studying the transmutation of base metals into gold, the Necromancers have always had a somewhat different approach to transforming metals. Through complicated arcane rituals and great mental concentration, a Necromancer can summon forth a Golem from common base metals. The construct takes on the properties of the original source material, including any magical effects or other properties the original metal might have possessed.
Effect:Summon a Golem from a metal item. The golem gains properties of the item.

Name:Summon Fire Golem
Description:It is believed that all life was forged when fire, earth, iron and flesh were combined. A Necromancer learned in this art can summon a Golem constructed entirely from living flame. The Necromancer summons the Golem through accelerating particles of the air at an ever increasing pace. These particles then ignite and the Golem crackles into existence, seemingly out of thin air.
Effect:A Golem of fire that uses fire damage to heal itself. The Fire Golem causes massive fire splash damage, causing enemies nearby to take fire damage.

Name:Revive Dead
Description:The ultimate goal of a Priest of Rathma is the perfect reanimation and control of a dead creature, maintaining the purity and properties of its body while releasing its soul to allow the Necromancer full control. When a Necromancer at long last gains this ability, he can truly claim mastery of the Great Cycle of Being.
Effect:Resurrects a monster to fight for you.


-Skeletons, when created, have a 5% chance to spawn with a shield. This shield functions to allow the skeleton to block, although skeletons only have a 3% chance to block.
-He cannot set what type of elemental attack a Skeletal Mage will have. He can keep raising a new Skeletal Mage until he gets the type of Mage he wants. Skeletal Mages have a high resistance to Magical Attacks, especially when they have the same elemental attack as the monster or player attacking them.
-Blood Golem effect is also vise versa, meaning if the golem is in better condition than the caster, the caster will lose life to help keep the Blood Golem alive.
-While Skeletons, and Skeletal Mages are great early on, Revived Monsters are the ultimate Minions (ignoring Golems). Quickly the monsters will find themselves outnumbered as you raise more and more Monsters during the battle to use against them. You can increase the Monster Hit Points and damage of Revived Monsters by putting points into Skeleton Mastery. You can increase their resistances with Summon Resist. One thing you'll notice about Revived Monsters is that they may not be as "smart" as your other Minions. While you now have control of these Revived Monsters, they still retain much of their original thoughts and tendencies. So a Revived Monster is somewhat different from your minions in that they sort of have their own will but fight on your side. You will have to take extra care when moving Revived Monsters around. You can create new Revived Monsters to replace those that have headed off on their own path. You'll find that their abilities in battle will more than outweigh their stupidity in following your commands.
-The skills; Skeleton Mastery, Golem Mastery, and Summon Resist, are passive skills, meaning as soon as their are learned or their lvl is increased, the effects of the skill automatically and constantly take effect.
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PostSubject: Re: Lunar Knights of Necromancy   Lunar Knights of Necromancy I_icon_minitime

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Lunar Knights of Necromancy
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